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My 10-year-old sons Epic tale

Kingston and Teddy:

The Guinea Pig Resistance

By Maximilian Baron Alexander Hardy


This story is about my two guinea pigs, Kingston and Teddy, and is very slightly based on truth. For example, there is an evil potato king with a tomato army, because potatoes and tomatoes are highly poisonous, and sometimes even deadly to guinea pigs. Also, there is an everlasting carrot because they love carrots and broccoli. Lastly, I wrote them fighting side by side because even though they kind of hate each other in real life, Teddy keeps climbing over the divider we have in the other cage. It would kind of seem like they would want to be together even though they want to kill each other.


The adventures of Kingston and Teddy:

The Guinea Pig Resistance.

CHAPTER 1: The Message

Guineangton was a peaceful town.

A town of guinea pigs. There were farmers, workers, teachers, but Kingston and Teddy had a different job. They were the protectors of Guineangton. Anything at all that would pose a threat to their precious town, they would stop it. But one day a messenger came by with some very unfortunate news. Suddenly, Kingston and Teddy heard a voice. The voice of the messenger. “It’s been stolen! It’s been stolen! The village raided! It’s been stolen!” said the messenger. Everyone stopped what they were doing, and were startled by his voice. “Alright, alright calm down.” Said Kingston. “Now, what are you talking about?” “It’s Potaton!” The messenger said, his voice shaking. “He’s taken over the village of Wisdom and stolen the Everlasting Carrot.” And then, at that moment, the whole town started screaming in panic.

But Kingston and Teddy knew what they had to do.

CHAPTER 2: The Visitor

Kingston and Teddy were prepared to go and save the Village of Wisdom, the whole town cheering. Suddenly the crowd was hushed, and at first they were both confused but then, they saw it: a mysterious figure with a black cloak covering his face just standing right in front of them. Everyone just stared in awe. But when the figure took off his hood it felt like the whole world gasped.

CHAPTER 3: A Dangerous Quest

At first, they could not believe what they were seeing! The man under the hood was a tomato warrior from King Potatons’ army! “Do not be alarmed. I have escaped from the grasp of Potatons’ army. I am on your side.” The mysterious tomato spoke. Kingston and Teddy were confused, but Kingston did not see any weapons on him so he asked, “Why are you here?”

“I am here to warn you.” By this point it was almost as if everyone’s body had shut down and they were just standing, listening. “About what?” Asked someone in the crowd. “I am here to warn you that Potatons’ army is bigger than you may think. If you truly want to win, then you must bring the whole village. Everyone counts.” Then the man ran off into the distance until no one could see him.

“The tomato speaks the truth. Everyone, prepare and grab any sort of weapon you have. We leave tomorrow!” Announced Teddy. But Kingston was not so convinced. “Wait” Kinston said to Teddy in a whisper. “I don’t really trust this guy.” “Why don’t you trust him?” Asked Teddy. “When he ran away, he ran west.” Teddy still did not understand what he was trying to say. “So? What’s your point?” “West leads to Potatons’ Castle...”

CHAPTER 4: A King’s Spy

The next day in the morning, they were already on the way to the castle. It was only a day’s ride, considering they were riding Buddy The Destroyer, a monstrous beast they had easily tamed. When they arrived, the original plan was to rest on the side of the castle where the guards could not see them. But, there were no guards. So they moved a little closer. Still no guards. “What is this?” Someone asked. But Kingston knew that the person wasn’t talking about anyTHING. He was talking about what was happening right in front of them. It looked like the whole castle had been evacuated. There was nobody there!

But then he heard a voice coming from the top of the tower. “Well, well, well. Look at you all dressed up coming to save the Everlasting Carrot I suppose.” And it didn’t take anyone a second to realize who it was. King Potaton himself! “I see that you took some advice from my friend.” Then quite a familiar face appeared. The tomato that visited them at the village. “Ha” He chuckled. “Did you really think I would just drop out of his army? You’re pathetic!” Then King Potaton stepped right back up and said “Alright, now that we are all here for the occasion...Bye Bye!” And for the split second that they were still in the air, Teddy did not know what he meant.

CHAPTER 5: The Guinea Pig Resistance

The fall banged up most of them quite a bit. Most of them couldn’t even think straight. When they woke up all they could see was long black bars. Cell bars. They were in a cell! Teddy was the first to wake up. Then he shook Kingston until he was awake too. The first thing that Kingston did was look around at the long endless hallway filled with cells. Guards everywhere. There were two people in each cell. But then Kingston realized they weren’t just people. They were the whole town of Guineangton.

All that Kingston could think of was that he failed. He’d been led straight into a trap and he’d failed.

There were only bars between cells, so Teddy was talking to a hamster who claims to have been here for years and says that when you fall through the trapdoor it knocks you out and gives the guards more time to see if you have any weapons with metal detectors. Then they put you in your cell. But that didn't matter to Kingston. All that mattered to Kingston was that he failed. Just when it seemed like they were out of hope, he noticed what Teddy was doing. He was trying to pick the lock on the cell with a fork. “Hey, when I get this lock, you run out and I’ll be right behind you. Head straight for Buddy’s cage. When we get there, I’ll unlock the cage and that should give us enough time to unlock the rest of cells and get out of here.”.

It felt sort of strange to Kingston, how quickly things were happening around him and how normal Teddy’s voice was while he was announcing his escape plan and picking the lock on the cell door almost as if they’d done this before. When he finally opened the cell door, they carried out the escape plan.

The only way Teddy knew the way to Buddy was because the hamster in the cell next to him told him the whole layout of the dungeon, including where they kept the prisoners animals. Teddy told all this to Kingston on the way and that made Kingston realize how long they were in that cell. It must have been the fall that caused him all that confusion. But when Teddy was telling Kingston which way to go next, he saw a door that the hamster had not mentioned before. It was a fairly large door, that looked noticeably cleaner than the rest of the dungeon. It had a large sign on it that read KEEP OUT in red print. Teddy being the more curious one, opened the door with his fork and stopped dead in his tracks. Then Kingston noticed that Teddy stopped. “Come on let’s go! Do you want us to get cau-” He stopped what he was doing and just stared!

What they were looking at was a huge room, and right in middle was the Everlasting Carrot with thick tubes stuck in the side filling up a huge tank that read “FUEL”. It looked like it was sucking out liquids from the giant carrot. Right next to the fuel tank was a gigantic ship with the door wide open but still unreachable. The ship was held in the air by three huge bars attached to three sides of the wall, and where the fourth wall would be in a square room, was an endless black hole for the explosion to go. Then right when they walked through the door, a loud alarm sounded. But they quickly realized that it wasn’t because they had walked in, because a voice sounded on the overcome: “All personnel evacuate. Launching now. All personnel evacuate. Launching now.”

Then out of nowhere came Potaton and as he walked on the platform, the ship raised up and turned so the open door landed right at the end of the platform he was walking on. “Nooooooo!” yelled Teddy as he ran after Potaton. But Teddy’s platform ended soon so he was truly running nowhere. And when Potaton walked in, the door closed behind him. Then a very large door opened at the back of the ship and a mechanical claw reached out and grabbed the now full tank, the tubes fell off of it and the claw put it in the open door and the door closed. By this point both Kingston and Teddy were at the end of the platform. Then the thrusters started and the whole castle shook. They both tried to run back to the door they came in through, but it was too late. The platform shook and broke and they both fell down, into the endless hole and the ship flew off into space.


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