• jamesh2560

Honestly, it’s not that complicated.

A disease appears in the form of a contagious virus. It affects the elderly (over 65) and those with serious pre-existing conditions.

Here’s the reasonable response:

1. Quarantine those that are vulnerable. (those over 65 and those with serious preexisting conditions).

o They should self-isolate.

§ If their earnings decrease as a result of self-isolation, reimburse their lost income.

2. To aide in the affects of quarantine, supply the vulnerable with resources to soften the impacts of quarantine. Specifically:

o Deliver food and supplies to their place of residence. (this can be easily accomplished through the use of numerous available apps.)

o Supply them with protective supplies and services:

§ Face masks.

§ Alcohol based antiseptics.

§ Thermometers.

§ On going monitoring by health care professionals. (telehealth checkups, and in person, in sever cases)

3. Monitor the general population for any changes.

o Random testing throughout the general population.

4. Continue research and development in direct response to the event.

o Continue development of antibody and/or vaccine.

o Continue to conclude cause and origin to potentially prevent a resurgence of this event, or prevent another event from a different source of origin in the future.

That’s it.

Four steps.

Less than one page.

Incredibly simple.

The cost for above?

A fraction of what’s been spent so far.

The long-term damage to economies, and loss of life from what has actually been done so far?


Why would "those in power" want to implement something like what has been done?

(And i'm not talking about the President of the United States.)

The answer to that question could uncover the true motives by those with agendas that will likely shock the world.

The answer is coming.